Sunday, January 22, 2012

Another Monday!

I have had another ephiphany about this quilt. Has only taken me 3 attempts at this quilt!
I am making this my Auntie Green Take 3 ITSO, that is, In the Style Of the original Auntie Green quilt and not a reproduction of the original quilt.

I was introduced to this teminology by quilt maker Allan Tremain at a recent seminar in Melbourne on Reproducing old quilts. As a maker of applique quilts I have to stamp my personality and foibles (sp?) into my quilt as the original maker of the Auntie Green quilt did!

So once completed my quilt will yell 'I am an Auntie Green Quilt but it will be a little different!

I have so many old quilts I want to make ITSO the original quilts but with freedom to add a bit of me! Next two I want to do, that is after Auntie Green, is the Reconciliation Quilt and the Coffin Quilt. And yes I have written for permission.

No photo today - sorry!

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