Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Take 3 Auntie Green

Well at long last I am satisfied with this my third attempt at the 'Auntie Green' quilt. A little background. First saw the 'Auntie Green' quilt in a display curated by Dr. Annette Gero at the Ipswich Library a few years ago. The quilt was also published in Dr, Gero's book 'Fabric of Soceity'. A discussions with Annette she gave me permission to reproduce the quilt from the photo in her book. So no copyright laws were broken! I set a challenge for 5 of my American friends from 'Baltimore on the Prairie' and 5 Australians to recreated their version of Auntie Green using my line drawings. No instructions were given. The quilt tops will be unveiled at Baltimore on the Prairie this September, 2012.

So now you are up to speed with the background of the challenge.

It has taken me this long to understand my stumbling block on this quilt. I was trying to make it balanced, attractive shapes and perfect! My bad! Upon studying the quilt in more detail I realised the original quilt was none of these things. Since this realisation I have felt such freedom with this quilt. I stitch before I come to shop, I stitch when I get home and in the middle of the night when I cannot sleep.

I plan on updating my block every Monday and adding a photo - not quite sure how to do that as yet. Please keep me on track...I need all the encouragement I can get!!!

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Deidre said...

I too have given way to doing what is to speak. My borders are taking on a feel of their own and I am enjoying it.