Sunday, January 15, 2012

Another Monday and so time to report on the progress of my Auntie Green. Something I noticed when starting on the chain around the central medallion. One border has one less chain than its counterpart! I just love the serendipity of this quilt. Since I have allowed myself to be 'free of perfection' whilst making this my Take 3 of Auntie Green I am enjoying it so much more!

I am on schedule with my timetable (don't know if it will be the same in a few month's time) and WILL have a complete quilt top to take to Baltimore on the Prairie in September. And, then I plan to enter the quilt into Queensland Quilters Quilt Exhibition in October 2013!

So what have I learnt in this past week about Auntie Green? You cannot have rolls of bias when you have a kitten. Thompson, the kitten, loves bias!


Deidre said...

Is that a new kitten I see scampering over Auntie Green? Another rescue kitten? From Karen?
Guess I should comment on Auntie Green..........looking good.

Anonymous said...

That is one quilt I would love to make myself, have got the centre from Judy Day, so maybe I should...
Happy stitching